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Brothers and Sisters,

In the next few days all members of Local 55 will be receiving letters from Local 55 General President Dan Robertson and myself with a new membership authorization form.   This new form was developed in anticipation of the Janus decision from the Supreme Court and the potential changes that will be imposed on all Labor Unions.

The Janus case decision is anticipated to impose Right to Work provisions on the entire country.  This will add layers of bureaucracy to Local 55 and this new authorization form is Local 55’s way of getting ahead of this administrative challenge.  

This new form will allow Local 55 to continue to work and fight for your wages, benefits and working conditions.

The form has two sections for members to sign, union dues check off and Political Action Committee check off.

Once received, please sign both sections of the form and return it in the self-addressed stamped envelope.  

We understand there will be many questions regarding this, please work with your district representative if you have any questions or need additional information.

Below is a list of District Reps. 

District 1 - (9,10,11) - Roderick

District 2 - (12,13,22) - Elliott

District 3 - (23, 24, 25) - Huang

District 4 - (6, 7, 26) - Leines

District 5 - (16,17,18) - Hann

District 6 - (20,21) - McMullen

District 7 - (27,28,29) - Matt Blair

District 8 - (30,31,32,33) - Hwang

District 9 - (19,34,35) - Cooper

At Large - Centoni

In Solidarity,


Sean Burrows


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Cancer Screening Masks
If you have not completed your cancer screening mask and
you would like to please contact Mike Sawyer (29A) or Brian Derickson (13C)
Retiree Luncheon
April 19th, 2018 A-Shift Day 1
Station 25 11:30am-2:30pm
Retirees RSVP to sue.bornemann@acgov.org
Special Union Meetings
April 23rd
April 27th
Discussing OT and Telestaff Trial Study 
0930 Dublin IBEW Hall
Oakland Athletics Game
June 10th C-Shift Day 1
1:05pm first pitch vs KC Royals

The Oakland A's and the Oakland-Alameda County Firefighters Local 55 cordially invite all members and their families to a very special Oakland Athletics Game.  The A's are honoring all Northern California Firefighters in a special pre-game ceremony prior to the June 10th game.  If you could please send this out to all of your membership so they can take part in this event it would be greatly appreciated. In order to purchase tickets for this event please click on the link below.


Click Here



Highlighted title indicates the shift day the event occurs on

A-Shift B-Shift C-Shift

Click Here to view previous meeting minutes

Documents --> Meeting Minutes --> General or Executive Board


Executive Board Tuesday April 19th

General Membership Tuesday April 30th

Executive Board Monday May 14th

Executive Board Monday June 4th

General Membership Friday June 22nd

Executive Board Monday July 9th

Executive Board Monday August 13th (Upstairs)

General Membership Friday August 17th

Executive Board Monday September 10th

Executive Board Monday October 15th

General Membership Friday October 18th

Executive Board Monday November 5th

Executive Board Monday December 10th

General Membership * Wednesday December 19th


*Nominations for Office are held at this meeting


All General and Executive Board meetings are held

at the IBEW Union Hall on Village Parkway in


(Updated Quarterly)
3.31- Captain Stephen Walker
3.23- Captain Donrick Sanderson 
6.5- Firefighter John Hall
8.15- Captain Bruce Armstrong
8.30- Captain Sean Sinclair
10.1- Engineer Gerard Rawson
11.16- Engineer Lary Lyall
12.19- Firefighter Wellington Jackson
12.19- Captain Rob Verdie
12.21- Engineer Bill Larsen
12.23- Captain Randy Carter

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